Persuading Him (The Heiress 1) Michelle Dare

Persuading Him is the second Michelle Dare book I have read, it started a little slow at first for me, Kasi came across as another spoiled rich girl who wanted what she couldn’t have and would stop at nothing to get it but as the story went on I realized she wasn’t the cold calculating person I initially thought she did have a heart but kept it guarded that was until she crossed paths with her new pilot Radek.  Radek is reluctant to get close to Kasi after struggling to move on from a mistake he made which saw his reputation shredded however Kasi continues her pursuit of him and when things are going good you know there is something that’s going to rock the boat and it seems Radek still has a ghost in his closet which leaves this book on a cliffhanger.

I’m just glad I can jump straight into the next book because I don’t like waiting to long when we have a cliffhanger.


Dark Corners – A.M Madden

A.M Madden has done it again Dark Corners is captivating, beautiful, strong, loving and totally moving you will feel the emotions that are written on the pages.

David is a man that has returned from the hotbox of the war but he hasn’t returned complete he’s a broken soldier suffering from PTSD who meets the woman that makes him feel so much more but he’s scared to death of hurting her.

Maygen is a successful young women who is determined to be independent from her over protective father, she loves him and knows his heart is in the right place but following a tragedy in her young life he feels the need to wrap her in cotton wool.

You literally feel the chemistry between David and Maygen from the beginning but David fights it and try’s to keep Maygen at arms length but she calls him out on this often and lets him know that its not just his choice but a twist in events leaves them at odds and questioning everything that has happened before.

I can’t say anymore without spoiling it for you but I do urge you to one click this book you will not be disappointed.

Another fantastic book A.M Madden I cant wait to see what you release next.

Bishop’s Queen – Titan Novel Cristin Harber – NOW LIVE


Cristin Harber  latest Titan Novel will give you all the feels its based on second chances a love never forgotten so when Bishops first task for Titan is to be a bodyguard to a Celebrity he’s less than impressed not exactly what this former service man had in mind he’d prefer to be out somewhere hostile.

Eco Ella finds herself in a situation where she needs help it becomes apparent that she may well have a stalker and he’s getting closer and closer to her so when her parents call in a favour from Jared Westin and his Team Titan to protect her until this is all sorted little does she know that her life is going to have yet another complication added to it.

I can’t really find the words to give you more without spoiling it but I do urge you to go get your hands on the swoon worthy, hot as hell Bishop he definitely fits right in with the Hot Alphas of Titan and further more we have another two new members of Titan that we are briefly introduced to.  I will say that even though this is a standalone book please read Live Wire first as this books comments on situations that happened in that book and unless you have previously read it you may be feel like your missing a piece.

Another fantastic read I cant wait to see what you give us next.





Kauffman – Austin Arrows Nicole Edwards

For those of you who haven’t met Nicole Edwards Hockey Hotties your in for a treat Kauffman is the second book to release and while these can be read as standalones I urge you to read RUSH first as there are a chain of events that happen in Rush and we get to see what happened and how it all played out  now in Kauffman.

Kauffman (Spencer) is  Captain of the Austin Arrows Hockey Team, he’s also known as Optimus out on the ice.  The Austin Arrows have been summoned by their manager to improve their public image and help work out more with the charities this team support so when he’s asked to attend an event in raising awareness on suicide he needs a date.  Spencer hasn’t dated in over 17 years when his then girlfriend dumped him by voicemail but that’s just another thing for Spencer to deal with when she becomes part of the Austin Arrows Public Relations Team so with this in mind and his best friend taking Spencer’s sister he asks Noelle Dexter who happens to be his sister’s best friend and business partner these have known each other years so shouldn’t be a problem but why do things seem so tense between them.

Noelle Dexter by some chance is still single and has started making positive steps towards changing this only her family see it as her pretending to have a man in her life, no one understands what she’s going through her best friend has her own drama and Noelle doesn’t want to burden her, so when Spencer asks her to this charity event she jumps at the chance only to happy to support her best friends brother and after all her best friend will be there so no big deal.

So what happens when you add in that sizzling chemistry that seems to be brewing between Spencer and Noelle will they cross that boundary of friends, will they have a night to get it out of their system so to speak or will it flourish into something more well that’s where your going to have to get the book and find out.

I personally love all Nicole’s books and cannot wait for the next to come out, she keeps you guessing, intrigued for more, laughing and even crying at times but then  add in the hotness factor and we all need a cold shower.



Nitro’s Torment – Nina Levine

Nina Levine’s Storm Men are the loyalist men you will ever come across they will stop at nothing to protect those closest to them, so when the Sydney Chapter and its families are targeted by another MC group the guns come out blazing. Nitro’s Torment is Dark, Twisted, Violent but on another level you feel the love, friendship and hope for the future.

Nitro is one mean son of a bitch but he has a heart of gold when it comes to protecting his family and club, friends don’t know of the life he lived as a child but when faced with his past will he be able to protect those closest to him or will he have to choose.

Tatum is out for her own revenge and will stop at nothing to get it after all she’s lost everything that means something to her, family, job, money so what does she have left to loose.

Well I’m going to leave for you to find out what Nitro’s Torment has in store for these two I can’t guarantee rainbows and butterflies but I will say you won’t want to put this book down but also praying it doesn’t come to an end.

Nina another fantastic read, wish I could give it more than 5 * and have the words to do it justice.