Strength in Release – Lisa N. Paul

I hadn’t read anything before by this author and can say I was totally surprised by how much I loved the story of Lyla and Sebastian.  I also didn’t realise that this was the 5th book in the Charistown Series I totally read it as a standalone but had I researched a little more I would have read the other’s first to understand the relationships between the other characters, that being said it didn’t take anything away from the story by not reading the others first.

This book is full of feels, love, passion and angst and it proves that once again family doesnt have to mean blood.  Lyla and Sebastian have had to deal with issues from their pasts some may say one more than the other, one may still be running rather than dealing but when you find the one to have your back its sometimes easier to fight against it than for it, the emotions they go through you can literally feel them coming off the page.

Go grab your copy and enjoy this emotional roller coaster I for one will be getting the rest of the books now.



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