Devil you Know – L.A Fiore

LA Fiore has done it again with Devil you Know it gives you so many feels right from the start, your heart will ache, break and love all at once.   This book shows us when something is meant to be it will, however long that may take, you just need to believe that you will find a way.

Damian was just a young boy with a horrible home life when Thea entered his life, her love of life was infectious and how Damian wished he could have the loving family Thea had, little did he know that being best friends with Thea’s twin brother would he be welcomed with open  arms into this family and that his love for Thea would grow so much but in order to keep her from the bad he would have to leave.

I don’t want to give you any more of the story but I do urge you to go get your copy of this beautiful book and see what is in store for Damian and Thea I can promise you wont want to put it down once you start.

This book deserves more than 5 STARS

I cant wait to read more in this series.


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