Offensive Rebound – MJ Fields


MJ Offensive Rebound is a total slam dunk you’ve bounced this one right out of the court, I couldn’t put it down and being a fan of your Men of Steel books I never thought I’d read a book that would give them a run for their money but boy does the sexy, cocky, loving Trae Rhodes.

Courtney Cohen is not far from graduating when her father passes leaving her and her siblings his beloved Seattle Stallions unfortunately for Courtney none of her siblings want to take the reign and pass it all to her.  She can do this after all she’s engaged to the star player of the Seattle Stallions  so what can go wrong? oh her father forgot to mention that his new signing is none other than Trae Rhodes her fiancé Brock’s thorn in his side and add in that Brock is a total douche.

So what will happen when Courtney takes the reigns, feathers are ruffled and add in Trae Rhodes there may just be an explosion both on and off the court.  I urge you to go read this, fall in love, swoon and laugh out loud I promise you wont regret jumping into this standalone.




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