Persuading Him (The Heiress 1) Michelle Dare

Persuading Him is the second Michelle Dare book I have read, it started a little slow at first for me, Kasi came across as another spoiled rich girl who wanted what she couldn’t have and would stop at nothing to get it but as the story went on I realized she wasn’t the cold calculating person I initially thought she did have a heart but kept it guarded that was until she crossed paths with her new pilot Radek.  Radek is reluctant to get close to Kasi after struggling to move on from a mistake he made which saw his reputation shredded however Kasi continues her pursuit of him and when things are going good you know there is something that’s going to rock the boat and it seems Radek still has a ghost in his closet which leaves this book on a cliffhanger.

I’m just glad I can jump straight into the next book because I don’t like waiting to long when we have a cliffhanger.



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