Dark Corners – A.M Madden

A.M Madden has done it again Dark Corners is captivating, beautiful, strong, loving and totally moving you will feel the emotions that are written on the pages.

David is a man that has returned from the hotbox of the war but he hasn’t returned complete he’s a broken soldier suffering from PTSD who meets the woman that makes him feel so much more but he’s scared to death of hurting her.

Maygen is a successful young women who is determined to be independent from her over protective father, she loves him and knows his heart is in the right place but following a tragedy in her young life he feels the need to wrap her in cotton wool.

You literally feel the chemistry between David and Maygen from the beginning but David fights it and try’s to keep Maygen at arms length but she calls him out on this often and lets him know that its not just his choice but a twist in events leaves them at odds and questioning everything that has happened before.

I can’t say anymore without spoiling it for you but I do urge you to one click this book you will not be disappointed.

Another fantastic book A.M Madden I cant wait to see what you release next.


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