Kauffman – Austin Arrows Nicole Edwards

For those of you who haven’t met Nicole Edwards Hockey Hotties your in for a treat Kauffman is the second book to release and while these can be read as standalones I urge you to read RUSH first as there are a chain of events that happen in Rush and we get to see what happened and how it all played out  now in Kauffman.

Kauffman (Spencer) is  Captain of the Austin Arrows Hockey Team, he’s also known as Optimus out on the ice.  The Austin Arrows have been summoned by their manager to improve their public image and help work out more with the charities this team support so when he’s asked to attend an event in raising awareness on suicide he needs a date.  Spencer hasn’t dated in over 17 years when his then girlfriend dumped him by voicemail but that’s just another thing for Spencer to deal with when she becomes part of the Austin Arrows Public Relations Team so with this in mind and his best friend taking Spencer’s sister he asks Noelle Dexter who happens to be his sister’s best friend and business partner these have known each other years so shouldn’t be a problem but why do things seem so tense between them.

Noelle Dexter by some chance is still single and has started making positive steps towards changing this only her family see it as her pretending to have a man in her life, no one understands what she’s going through her best friend has her own drama and Noelle doesn’t want to burden her, so when Spencer asks her to this charity event she jumps at the chance only to happy to support her best friends brother and after all her best friend will be there so no big deal.

So what happens when you add in that sizzling chemistry that seems to be brewing between Spencer and Noelle will they cross that boundary of friends, will they have a night to get it out of their system so to speak or will it flourish into something more well that’s where your going to have to get the book and find out.

I personally love all Nicole’s books and cannot wait for the next to come out, she keeps you guessing, intrigued for more, laughing and even crying at times but then  add in the hotness factor and we all need a cold shower.




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