Bishop’s Queen – Titan Novel Cristin Harber – NOW LIVE


Cristin Harber  latest Titan Novel will give you all the feels its based on second chances a love never forgotten so when Bishops first task for Titan is to be a bodyguard to a Celebrity he’s less than impressed not exactly what this former service man had in mind he’d prefer to be out somewhere hostile.

Eco Ella finds herself in a situation where she needs help it becomes apparent that she may well have a stalker and he’s getting closer and closer to her so when her parents call in a favour from Jared Westin and his Team Titan to protect her until this is all sorted little does she know that her life is going to have yet another complication added to it.

I can’t really find the words to give you more without spoiling it but I do urge you to go get your hands on the swoon worthy, hot as hell Bishop he definitely fits right in with the Hot Alphas of Titan and further more we have another two new members of Titan that we are briefly introduced to.  I will say that even though this is a standalone book please read Live Wire first as this books comments on situations that happened in that book and unless you have previously read it you may be feel like your missing a piece.

Another fantastic read I cant wait to see what you give us next.






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