Nitro’s Torment – Nina Levine

Nina Levine’s Storm Men are the loyalist men you will ever come across they will stop at nothing to protect those closest to them, so when the Sydney Chapter and its families are targeted by another MC group the guns come out blazing. Nitro’s Torment is Dark, Twisted, Violent but on another level you feel the love, friendship and hope for the future.

Nitro is one mean son of a bitch but he has a heart of gold when it comes to protecting his family and club, friends don’t know of the life he lived as a child but when faced with his past will he be able to protect those closest to him or will he have to choose.

Tatum is out for her own revenge and will stop at nothing to get it after all she’s lost everything that means something to her, family, job, money so what does she have left to loose.

Well I’m going to leave for you to find out what Nitro’s Torment has in store for these two I can’t guarantee rainbows and butterflies but I will say you won’t want to put this book down but also praying it doesn’t come to an end.

Nina another fantastic read, wish I could give it more than 5 * and have the words to do it justice.




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