Michelle Dare – My Salvation

My Salvation is the first Michelle Dare book I have read, it took me a little while to get into but I persevered and ended up really enjoying it,  I later found out that this was Michelle’s first book as an author and I can honestly say after learning that fact she did an amazing job.

The story is a little like second chances, Calli and Owen have known each other over 10 years but both took different paths in life and due to a change in circumstances find each other again, they feel like those well worn boots that you don’t want to throw  away but are happy to introduce a new pair I suppose what I’m trying to say is you get the comfort frpm the old but all the new shininess of a new relationship.

All isn’t plain sailing though, Calli ends up with a target on her head but who would have a grudge against this sweet women well that is for you to find out.  The story has suspense, steamy sex, love, great friendships and hints of relationships that we may get in further books.



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