Visibly Broken Chelsea Cameron and MJ Fields

Visibly Broken is raw, heart wrenching, deep, dark, twisted and beautiful all at once, so what happens when two damaged souls find each other will it be peaceful, toxic, complete disaster or a happy ending, well that’s for you to find out by reading this amazing book.

Jason Stanley aka The Cobra says he’s a monster his own words but to his Angel he’s anything but she see’s him for who he is a caring, loving, protective man who fights for what he believes in and will stop at nothing to free her from her past.

Lorraine Bosch lives a life seeking  justice for her family but not totally living so when The Cobra is bought in to the hospital where she works needing medical attention she cant understand the feelings she has for him even though she has no idea who he is.

I’m finding it hard to write this review for not wanting to give away any spoilers but I will urge you to go get your copy and find out what has happened to these two in the past and what the future holds you won’t be disappointed.

Another great read ladies XX




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