Jared – Coyote Ridge – Book 2 Nicole Edwards

This die hard Walker Brothers fan couldn’t be happier with being able to read Jared who we know is a Walker and just likes his cousins from Alluring Indulgence he has the hotness factor and certainly gives them a run for their money in the alpha stakes.

Jared’s book is a crossover book from Nicole’s new series Coyote Ridge and Dead Heat Ranch, for those of you who haven’t read Dead Heat Ranch I suggest you do before reading Jared.

Jared Walker has been hurt in the past and doesn’t need the complication of a women in his life, his soul focus is making sure his son is cared for and add in his job at Walker Demolition he doesn’t have the time so when Travis puts him in charge of the Walker family reunion we get the usual alpha male grumbles that is until he has the pleasure of meeting Hope Lambert she runs Dead Heat Ranch along with her sister’s and father.

Hope Lambert doesn’t have the time to help sort out a family reunion for over a 100 guests but when Jared Walker sets his sights on getting to know her something gives a little in Hope until she realises he has a child.

Will Jared get this reunion sorted in time?  will Hope live a little ? well that’s for you to go and find out but these aren’t the only questions that need to be answered what happens when the past comes to town do they stand and fight or back down? well this is the Walker Family and we know how they stand together.

Go get your copy and enjoy catching up with the Brothers and meeting new members.

Another great read from Nicole XX FAN FOR LIFE XX






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