Ravage (Scarred Souls 3 ) Tillie Cole

I’m lost for words to explain the feelings that this book has given me Tillie never fails to deliver, its full of dark twists and turns but you also feel the love between the pages.  Ravage is the 3rd book and must be read in order to understand the characters and the story.

This book is the  story of Zoya, Zaal’s sister, Zoya has spent most of her life hidden in the shadows, believing that all her family was killed on that dreaded day so when she finds out her elder brother is alive she seeks him out but the safety she has lived with is no more.

194 was taken as a young teenager and separated from his only living relative his sister he’s been trained to kill, drugged & commanded by his Mistress, he follows her orders to ensure that his sister lives.  194 is  sent out to capture Zaal Kostava for his Mistress so she can seek her revenge for the life Zaal has taken.  194 follows this command knowing that he is keeping his sister safe but what happens when 194 and Zoya’s path crosses well that’s for you to find out.

I do hope you go read these books and fall in love with the damaged souls of the underworld, eagerly awaiting the next release.



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