Hostile Workplace – A.M Madden

now live

Ok lets just start with a big thank you to A.M Madden for giving us yet another amazing book she never fails.

Hostile Workplace can be read as a complete standalone but for those of you who have read Love on the Horizon, you will remember Sam as the protective brother of Rebecca.  Sam has had is heartbroken at a young age and never fully healed, he works hard to be the best he can be at his job coming over as a complete an utter ass to his staff, but only because he doesnt show the real Sam.    His personal life is yet to take another direction, engaged to a woman who has been there for him, but he’s never truly been in love with her and secrets are unveiled giving him the chance to move on.

Well he may be free of the girl he never truly loved but what happens when the past comes back well that’s where you’ll have to go get your copy and find out.  Its a book full of angst, love, heartbreak, family, laughs and not forgetting the smoking hot sex, I promise you wont be disappointed.





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