Author Anonymous – E.K Blair



Where do I start?  I’m still struggling with the feelings that this book evoked even after finishing it a few days ago, at times I wanted to shake Author Anonymous, scream at her for the decisions she made but at the same time I wanted to wrap her in my arms and just hold her and tell her that everything will be ok.

As readers, bloggers, authors we all live in a world of fantasy that takes us away from the hum drum of the world we live in, but what happens when the lines blur?  well this book shows us what can happen.  Its intense, heart breaking, and so very HOT.

Some may feel that the choices Author Anonymous made are not right but who are we to judge its her story and she has been so brave in allowing E.K Blair to write it.

I do urge you all to get your copy I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Author Anonymous for sharing this with us. I hope you have found what you need in your life to enable you to be happy and fulfilled.

E.K Blair thank you for writing this and telling it with the emotion, kindness and loving words it so deserved.

Absolutely deserves so much more than 5 stars. xx

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