The Season : RUSH by Nicole Edwards

AA - 1 - Rush - Full

Wow just Wow Nicole Edwards has given us another Hot Alpha to fall for in the form of  Kingston Rush he’s none other than the Goalie God of the Austin Arrows Ice Hockey Team.

Rush has been on the receiving end of some bad press lately and after a disappointing last season the owner has decided that certain team members need to overall their image with the press.  The teams PR think it would be good for Rush to be seen as settling down and they suggest he be seen with a girlfriend but this alpha isn’t keen until his best friend Spencer/team captain suggests his own younger sister but little does he realise Rush’s feelings go deeper for Ellie than either of them know.

Ellie is a strong single mom, who runs the Penalty Box bar with her best friend/business partner and certainly doesn’t have time for a man in her life at present but what will happen when Spencer asks her to be Rush’s girlfriend if only make believe.

Well I’ll leave that for you to find out I promise you wont be disappointed,  I personally cannot wait for more on this new series.

Get your copy here:











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