27 Truths: Ava’s Story (The Truth About Love)- MJ Fields

27 Truths_ecover.jpg

I have a confession I haven’t read the books/series that lead up to Ava’s story in 27th Truths I read it as a complete standalone so I didn’t know anything of the family dynamics.  This didn’t stop me feeling the love and friendship’s between these families, I absolutely loved it even if MJ did have me ugly crying and praying for a happy ever after which we definitely don’t get at the end of this book, its a total heart wrenching emotional roller coaster read but so worth the pain you feel.

Ava has been in love with Luke her whole life he’s everything she thinks love is or is he well that’s for you to go find out, join Ava on her journey and discover where love takes her.  I cant give you anything more without spoiling it for you and I absolutely will not do that.

I myself will be downloading the series that lead up to Ava’s story as these characters have gotten into my mind and I need to understand them more but like I said earlier you can read 27th Truths without reading The Love Series / Wrapped Series or Burning Souls Series.

Another fantastic read MJ xx





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