Wicked Need (Wicked Horse 3) Sawyer Bennett

I have had the pleasure of reading all the books in the Wicked Horse Series, these books can be read as standalones as they all feature different characters.  Wicked Need is the story of Catherine (Cat) and Rand.

Cat Lyons ( Catherine Lyons Vaughn) she grew up the hard way, father not around and mother only interested in her as long as she’s getting money so when Samuel shows her some affection she clings on to it and marries the older man but he’s just as bad as the others using her in ways you wouldn’t believe, but the kicker comes once he dies and Cat finds herself alone and without anything once again.

Rand Bishop has lived a full life, ex Olympic skier, Fantasy Maker by night at The Silo and by day he works at a Tattoo Shop he’s an all round honest man always looking out for others so when he see’s Cat sleeping in her car he offers for her to come stay with him whilst she gets back on her feet, there is no denying the chemistry between these two, will Cat get her life in order or will she be destined to live a hard life well that’s for you to find out go get your copy you won’t be disappointed I for one cannot wait to read the next in this series but also the anticipation for Bridger’s story is growing.  XX




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