Filthy English – Ilsa Madden-Mills

Filthy English is the follow on book to Dirty English and its time to enjoy Dax Blay journey, he’s HOT, SEXY, COCKY, and a total MANWHORE but is that just a cover for his more vulnerable side well you’ll have to get your copy to find out.

Dax is back in London spending the summer with his cousin and dealing with a bet he had with his twin brother Declan to be celibate and not one to turn a challenge down he’s been doing well until his cousin offers him another bet which has him sitting at the bar of a masquerade club checking out the female patrons.

Remi’s fiancé called off her wedding two weeks before and not wanting to lose anymore of her money she goes on what should have been her honeymoon with her best friend.  Looking for a night of fun these two end up in the Masquerade club add in a bottle of tequila and Remi lets go for the night but being her clumsy self she ends up in the lap of a sexy stranger at the bar after losing her footing.  Something seems familiar about this man but with masks in place she can’t be sure.

Well I’m not going to give you anymore but I do urge you to go get your copy and enjoy the ride these two take us on its full of love, laughs, banter, angst and a twist I didn’t see coming.  I hope this isn’t the last book praying Spider gets a book.


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