Sapphire has once again given us a book that you will not want to put down it certainly packs a punch filled with lust, love, family, brothers and a little blood but all goes with the an MC book.

Princess  well she’s not the fairy tale sort that you think even though Viking give’s her the name Cinderella, she’s full of anger and resentment for her father thinking he chose his club over her, her brother and mother so she sets out her plan to hurt the President of the Oath Keepers aka Daddy and sets about using those that are close to him to do so.

Viking is a Nomad and has no intention of settling but Princess catches his eye and however hard he tries to keep away he simply can’t but when he finds her in trouble he steps in not knowing who she is or who her father is but that doesn’t last long and he stakes his claim.

You definitely wont want to miss this standalone book even though I do suggest you read it as part of the series as we see members from past books show up and be warned it ends a little differently to what you may expect but Sapphire keeps it real at all times.

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