Imperfectly Matched – MJ Fields


This book will have you laughing out loud, Kat and Ricco couldn’t be a better match in everyway but will they ever get past the friends with benefit stage well that’s for you to find out.

Kat doesn’t want  commitment, doesn’t want love, she’s happy having a little fun with Ricco and who wouldn’t want to get into a little trouble with this hot tattooed muscular guy after all he has the whole package (wink wink) if you now what I mean but she’s still bantering back and forth on her dating profile, meeting boring men but one profile is keeping her on her toes and finally she agrees to meet him but wow is she in for a surprise.

Ricco to isn’t looking for a commitment or love, he’s happy working, caring for his daughter and having hot fun with Kat but what he doesnt seem to realize is that his life is about too change again.

Go get your copy and fall in love with these two, catch up with Mamma Joe and her Men of Steel and experience the love and laughter that comes with this group.  I personally hope the other characters get a story in the future.




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