Nicole never fails to give us a book that makes us feel a connection with the characters and she once again hasn’t disappointed, Speechless is full of  laughs, pain, love, and anger.  It tackles the subject of depression the effects it can have on those suffering and those who have to stand by and not sure how to help.

Teague is the life and soul of Pier 70 always laughing and out partying well that’s what those close to him think little do they know that he hasn’t had the best of lives and memories from his past still haunt him to this day and then throw in Hudson, Pier 70’s hot tattooed sexy mechanic and Teague is a hot mess, always pushing Hudson’s buttons to get a reaction but with Hudson unable to speak and Teague’s lack of interest in learning to sign the tension is building between them.

Hudson is 10 years older than Teague but he has this pull towards the younger man he’s been fighting it for a while but he has decided to go after what he want’s.  Hudson like Teague isn’t looking for love but along this journey his feelings change but he needs to tread slowly as he’s noticed that certain things trigger a certain behavior from Teague.

Well that’s all your going to get from me but I do urge you to go get your copy you’ll be rooting for Hudson and Teague from the beginning, its a beautiful emotionally packed read and you wont be putting it down once you start.  I personally cant wait for more of the Pier 70 family.



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