Steal My Breath – Nina Levine

Nina Levine is an automatic 1 click for me I have loved all her books from the Storm MC Series to Crave and now she’s given us Luke Hardy in Steal My Breath but its not just Luke’s bossiness and alpha ways that keep you drawn to this book but the depth of feelings that are pulled from you in the form of Callie St James she really does have a heart of gold and is willing to walk away with a broken heart to see justice done.

Luke and Callie’s  story has many twists and turns that keep you turning the pages to find out what is going to happen next you wont want to put it down, these two have been friends for 12 months now and Luke has watched Callie go through date after date not really finding what she’s looking for but also hiding his own feelings for her but little does he know that Callie is holding the same feelings for him but his past is a complicated one.

Please go get your copy you wont be sorry its an amazing book XX


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