Weathered Love – Prick Series Book 2

WL Cover.PNG

Absolutely loved Weathered Love this is Camaron Willis story we first met him in Guided Love and I will admit I wanted to strangle the ass for the stunts he pulled but I guess everyone deserves a second chance.  You will laugh, cry, shout and want to shake the life out of him at times but he’s finally on the right path in life or is he.

Jessica has lived a sheltered life living in a very small community but when the cards are dealt its her time to leave and find herself,  Jessica gets herself a job as an assistant to author Samantha Jacob’s  who happens to be Camarons best friend and she starts to live the life that her own best friend would have wanted for her.

There is so much more to this story than just two people getting a second chance at life you’ll be rooting for them and cursing their pasts, its hard to be the person your meant to be without the right encouragement and love, this book also proves that family doesn’t have to be blood.

Please go get your copy you wont be disappointed. XX

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