Book Reviews for May

Dirty Little Rendezvous – Emma Hart

This book can be read as a standalone but if you have already ready the 4 prior Burke Brothers books you’ll have a better understanding of the dynamics in this one. Leila Burke little sister to the boys of Dirty B aka Connor, Tate, Aiden and Kyle Burke,  these boys are over the top protective of their pain in the ass little sister so when she decides to join them on their European tour along with the girls who happen to be her best friends ground rules are set and we all know that Leila will see these as a challenge but what happens when her past catches up with her.

Jase Master’s up and coming British Rock Star has been given the lifeline his career may need by supporting Dirty B on tour so imagine his surprise when Leila walks in with her brothers will he acknowledge that he knows her or will he put his career first.

This book will have you turning the pages so quick but praying it doesnt end, its great seeing the Burke family back together and all the banter, the boys being the Alpha’s we love but the girls keeping them in check and not to forget Leila’s stubbornness and quick wit, you will be laughing out loud whilst rooting for the HEA

Go grab your copy you wont be disappointed

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HETCH -Men of S.W.A.T – River Savage

Hetch (Liam Hetcherson) hot, dirty talking,  Team Leader of S.W.A.T finds himself in many a tough situation especially having to talk others down from doing something so devastating but sometimes this runs a little to close to home and Hetch becomes a ticking time bomb, who knows when and what he will detonate him but its coming.

Liberty works in a home for teen boy’s and sometimes she gets a little too close and puts herself in danger in order to protect these boys.  She has imposed a sex ban on herself whilst getting her life back on track but after  listening to her neighbor rock a bevy of ladies worlds she takes matters into her own hands and this starts the interaction with her neighbor but little does she know that the man at the local bar who buys her a drink whilst on a girls nightout is none other than dirty talking Hetch.

Go get your copy and see what happens when these two collide you don’t want to miss out on the fireworks in every department plus you get a glimpse at the rest of the Men of S.W.A.T, this is going to be another amazing series by River Savage.

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Match This – MJ Fields

Match This is a fun read and is the story of the sexy, unfiltered female tattoo artist who we have met previously in Men of Steel.  The first part of the book gives you a little insight into Kat’s past and may help you understand why she’s a little jaded and doesn’t believe in love.  Kat has issues with her Mother but loves her dearly, she lets very few people see the real KAT, so when the guys from the shop turn up at hers for her girls wine night they get a shock to see a different side but Kat gets the shock of her life when mother dearest turns up to stay for a while.  Discovering that her mother has a profile for online dating is a shock but when challenged to join the site herself who is she to back down from a challenge.

I’m not going to give you anymore but urge you to go get your copy and enjoy this truly laugh out loud book. MJ never fails to deliver and I personally cannot wait for the next book to see what happens to Kat’s life will she ever find love or will she live a life on her own.

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The Spiral Down – Aly Martinez

Henry Alexander is HOT and can perform and loves nothing more than the chase but what happens when the chase becomes real can Henry accept that he’s worthy or will he run.

Evan Roth ex military/pilot has everything he has ever wanted but why does he feel empty and lost, can he let go of his own demons to truly have the future that he deserves.

Unusual circumstances throw these two together, Henry is a nervous wreck he hates flying but can Evan talk him down or will this be the end of his job.

Well that’s for you to find out, The Spiral Down is a great m/m read, it’s filled with laughs, hard decisions, love and great friends.  I will be personally recommending this book to friends along with The Fall Up which is where we first meet Henry Alexander.


Honor Me – Men of Inked Book 6 – Chelle Bliss

We return to the Gallo family and straight back into the lives of City and Suzy how could we not miss these two but what is great about this book we get to catch up with the whole  family.

City never dreamt his life would be filled with so much pink but that’s what happened since falling in love with Suzy and he wouldn’t change a thing but when your wife is struggling and  the past re appears to threaten those that you love dearly its time to batten down the hatches and fight to protect those you love.

I urge you to go get your copy I couldn’t put it down even if Chelle Bliss did  make my heart stop, its filled with so many emotions and twists you wont be disappointed xx


Sway (Landry Family)  – Adrianna Locke

Adrianna Locke has delivered us another amazing book and a great start to a new series.   Barrett Landry Mayor of Savannah and oldest of the Landry siblings is one hot sexy playboy,  elections are upon him he must focus his mind clearly on the campaign but Alison Baker catches his eye at an event where he’s trying to win supporters.

Alison Baker, mother, student and provider for her son Huxley knows all to well what the life of a public figure entails after all her ex husband was a high profile Judge so when Barrett Landry takes it upon himself to pursue her she’s hesitant to say the least.

I don’t want to give  anything away so I’m going to leave it here and hope that you will go get your copy and enjoy this amazing book filled with laughs, love, deceit and so much more.  I for one will never look at a Grape the same (wink wink) and cant wait to read the next in the series as the glimpses we got of these siblings leaves you wanting more.



Instead of You – Anie Michaels

What happens when one girl is loved by two brothers but she sees one as a best friend and never thinks she has a chance with the other, well kenzie has grown up with Corey and Hayes and their parents are best friends so everyone thinks that it will be a natural progression from friend to boyfriend/girlfriend with Corey as he’s the same age as kenzie but when Hayes steals a kiss at his brothers 16th birthday party this starts kenzie questioning her feelings for Corey.

Tragedy strikes 2yrs later and Hayes returns home from College, kenzie is left struggling with her guilt over her feelings she’s grieving the loss of her best friend but to everyone else they think she’s grieving the loss of the boy she was to spend the rest of her life with.

Well I don’t want to give anymore away but please go get your copy and enjoy this standalone, emotions will be running high  but I promise its worth the emotional roller coaster you take.

Well its been a good month for new releases I have a few arc’s to review this weekend so I’m glad its a bank holiday here in the UK means extra day off work which in turn means more reading time have a great weekend everyone  xxxx





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