Sugar Daddy – Sawyer Bennett

WOW just WOW another new series from Sawyer Bennett and again this lady doesnt fail Sugar Daddy draws you in and the pages keeping turning.  However please keep in mind that this book does have a cliffhanger and that its book 1 of 3 but I suspect we wont have long to wait between releases.

Sela is in her mid twenties, life has been hard trying to rebuild herself from the Rape she suffered in her teens, her moms death, her  dad making a new life for himself, studying and casual relationship she hasn’t always made  wise choices but is her latest decision to become a Sugar Baby one that may just tip her over the edge.  Sela is out for revenge when she joins the Sugar Bowl (online dating that couples Sugar Baby’s with their Daddies usually older men who can provide a wealth of material things in return they get a young lady on their arm) revenge on one of its owners JT/ Johnathon Townsend  but she doesn’t see the one stumbling block in her plan Beckett North (Becks).

Beck’s is that man behind the scenes at the Sugar Bowl he may have helped build the program, comes from a rich family like his business partner JT but unlike JT Becks is happy rolling his sleeves up and getting the job done, he doesnt flash his wealth and he definitely isn’t looking for a Sugar Baby.  Whilst attending a mixer party where potential Daddy’s and Baby’s come together he’s caught up in the presence of Sela and everything in his life is about to be turned upside down.

The chemistry between Becks and Sela is nothing short of fireworks on New Year’s eve but it also has an innocent nature to it, both feel things they haven’t before but will Sela’s past put a spanner in the works or will she be able to let her revenge go?  well that’s for you to find out I’m hoping you go get this book once it releases you wont be disappointed.


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