Glass Ceilings (True Heroes 2) – A.M Madden

FBI Agent Nick Farley is working undercover at a Bar in Chicago coming near to the end of his assignment and doesn’t need the distraction of a women in his life as he’ll be shortly returning to New York but a one night stand maybe fun little does he know that he’s about to land on his ass.  Angela Cavello has moved in with her cousin for a while to try and straighten her life but a night out with her cousin has her coming face to face with the sexy bartender  and even though she doesnt want to she cant help but be attracted to him, then her cousin informs him that Angela as never had a one night stand.

Well that’s all I’m going to tell you but I do urge you to go get your copy/add it to your tbr list.  A.M Madden as given us a book full of suspense, angst, passion, forgiveness, heart ache and second chances, the pages keep on turning and you wont want it to end but find it hard to put it down to make it last.

I personally cannot wait to see what’s next from this Author she is turning into one of my favourites I will always 1 click any book she releases.


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