Jagger (Caldwell Brothers 3)

MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron have done it again Jagger is a must read

Jagger Caldwell is the baby of the three brothers but by no means is he any less of a man then Hendrix and Morrison,  Jagger may not live his life the conventional way he’s a brawler and makes his money street fighting but he has grown into the man his Momma would be proud of always striving to be the Good in a World of Bad, so when he hears the scream’s of pain coming from the apartment next door he cant leave it alone and steps in to find his landlord beating on his daughter bringing back memories of his own childhood.

Tatiana Rand is trying to survive at the hands of her father, her mom has passed and she’s all alone dealing with this life that is until her guardian angel turns up in the form of Jagger Caldwell he’s a little intimidating, rough around the edges but she has no fear of him.  Jagger show’s her what a good touch is, for as long as she can remember touch as always been bad.

This book can be read as a standalone but I personally advise that you read Hendrix and Morrison first, go get your copies you wont be disappointed another great read by these two amazing authors.



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