Intent – A.D Justice

A.D Justice never fails to give us a story that we can fall in love with and Intent is just that plus add a little drama and suspense and the ever so charming Ace Sharp and your done for.

Ace Sharp well what can be said he’s smart, quick witted, business partner, single father and oh so very HOT what more could we ask for oh that’s right we need for him to find the love of his life but will he.

Layne well she is successful, beautiful, compassionate but longs for a family of her own so when she discovers her long term boyfriend in bed with her then best friend her world is turned on its head.   Layne’s boss see’s she is struggling to move forward so  send’s her on a 3 month vacation to her help her heel but little does Layne know that she is about to meet the sexy Ace Sharp and life as she knows will never be the same again.

I don’t want to give you any spoilers so I’m going to leave it here and let you find out for yourselves what happens but remember life is never straightforward and we have lots of twists and turns to follow before we end of the right path and this book is full of them.

Another great read from A.D Justice xx




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