Down to My Soul – Kennedy Ryan

Down to My Soul is the beautiful conclusion to Kai and Rhyson’s story it leaves you wanting more and not knowing what to do next, just sit and take it all in and eventually you will move on to your next read.

At the end of My Soul to Keep Kai and Rhyson had dramatically gone their own ways Rhyson out on his tour and Kai being backing singer/dancer for another artist but can she forgive Rhyson for what he tried to do we all know he only want’s to protect her and give her everything all at once but Kai wants to earn what she has not be known for getting where she is for who she is with so the story continues in Down to My Soul.

Down to My Soul is full of regrets, passion , love, remorse, friendship and so much more but can Rhyson and Kai find their peace? can they learn to forgive ? not only one another but those around them as outside influences still play a large part in their lives. Well I don’t want to give anything away to you but I urge you to go get your copy you wont be disappointed apart from it being the end but I’m praying that this is not the last we here of Rhyson and Kai after all he has is own recording label and lots of artists ready to launch so who knows what will happen.

Amazing book Kennedy Ryan XX



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