Billy Jeffers (Rockers of Steel 4) MJ Fields

MJ certainly knows how to keep us all coming back for more, first we had Memphis Black followed by Finn Beckett, then River James and now we have the reserved Billy Jeffers or is he.

Billy Jeffers is the blue blood of the band, privileged upbringing, piano/bass player and he certainly didn’t see his future being part of Steel Total Destruction but here he is and he has a major thorn in his side in the form of Madison Black his band mates little sister/travel coordinator for Forever Four.

Madison Black seems to have made it her mission in life to torment Billy Jeffers, flashing her panties, bending over showing her cleavage and generally getting under his skin for the past year but what will happen when they clash and do they CLASH on more than one occasion and its oh so HOT, but wait that’s not all there is to this story they both prove that they are so much more than what you see when Billy’s past comes knocking on that door.

I’m going to leave it here but please I urge you to add this book to your ever growing TBR lists. xx




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