HAVOC by Nina Levine is LIVE!!

Holy shizzle stick Havoc Caldwell is one hot dirty talking biker but what happens when he meets his match? Carla isn’t his usual type and he certainly isn’t looking for anything more than a night between the sheets, he travels on his bike doing his job when and where its needed but this feisty young woman with a mouth that’s has dirty has his may just throw a spanner in the works.  Carla has a plan for her life and being with a biker isn’t her future, focusing on her schooling, getting a career and finding a man that is settled is but all that is thrown to the wind when she meets Havoc.

The balance is just right between the sexiness, humor, family, love and angst, it was great to see some of the Storm MC characters making an appearance and seeing how they all bounce off one another, family isn’t always blood they may have their up and downs but they always pull together in times of need.

This book can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend you read the Storm MC series to understand the other characters better.

Another fantastic book Nina I personally cannot wait for the next. XX





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