Unwanted Sacrifices – Sapphire Knight

Another fantastic read by Sapphire Knight her books don’t disappoint.  Unwanted Sacrifices can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend you read them in order to totally understand the relationships between the characters mentioned.

Nikoli and Sabrina have danced around the chemistry they have felt for each other for years, Nikoli never thought he was good enough for Sabrina but he choose to keep her in his sights being the friend over the years that she needed whilst harboring a love so intense that when it happens you’ll be knocked on your ass.  Sabrina has loved this man for as long as she can remember but when her families actions put her in harms way and she’s taken away to live with Nikoli she cannot keep ignoring the feelings she has for him.  Unfortunately it’s not going to be so simple as two old time friends moving forward in a new way especially not when you have ties to the Russian Mafia.

I’m going to leave it here for you to go find out for yourselves you will kick yourself if you don’t I cant wait for the next release from Sapphire she is one author I will 1 click without even reading the blurb plus her Book Covers are Sexy as hell. xx


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