His Light in the Dark – L.A Fiore


I love this author her books draw you in and keep you turning the pages His light in the dark did not disappoint I was lucky to have been gifted a copy to read and have read it several times before I wrote this review.  This book takes us through several years and we get to see the characters grow, face challenges and learn to be accepted. It’s raw, emotional, and beautiful all at once plus full of twists and turns.

Cole Campbell doesn’t know what its like to be part of a family he’s living with his father who isn’t an ideal role model, alcohol and women are more important to him than his Son, Cole see’s things and has things done to him that no child should be subject to but when they are forced to move to another house he’s introduced to what a family should be, he learns to smile, laugh and love all from Mace and Mia his next door neighbours.

Mia is but a small child believing in Princesses, peanut butter and fluff sandwiches when Cole Campbell moves next door, she’s drawn to Cole from an early age all innocent until later in life when her feelings change but challenges in Cole’s life have left him removing himself from the family they became as young children, however Mia doesn’t give up on Cole hoping that one day he will return to them. Mace is a young single father raising Mia with love and respect but when he witnesses Cole being ill treated by his father he steps in providing him a safe place where he can learn and grow as the years go on Mace stands by Cole and then circumstances change and it is Cole who is keeping watch over Mia but all from a distance.

I’ll leave it here but I do urge you to get your copy you won’t be disappointed. XX







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