Noah’s Journey – C A Harms

Noahs Journey FRONT

I love the Sawyer Brother’s and this book did not disappoint Noah Sawyer has never wanted to leave his small town so when 4 years ago his then selfish fiancée up and left all because she wanted more than a small town could offer not believing in the love and life her and Noah were building, he never thought he could find that one person to make him whole again until Alena.

Noah and Alena have flirted, shared a few kisses whilst being out amongst his brothers and their partners but its time to take these flirty meets to the next level so what happens when a blast from the past turns up on their first date along with a surprise for Noah.

Noah could have been knocked down by a feather when his ex fiancée turns back up in town with a surprise he’s left with feeling’s of rage and hurt that this surprise been kept from him for nearly 4 years, he feels guilt for the distance it’s put between him and Alena but he has so many things happening and trying to keep everyone happy he’s hurting her.

Alena takes a step back from Noah knowing that he needs to be where he is but the feeling off being second best, an after thought doesn’t sit well with her she’s always been treated this way.  Alena decides that she will make this town her home, she has her cousin here and can carve her career here just as well as being in the big city but can she get over her feeling for Noah or will she wait for him.

Go get your copy and see what happens between Noah and Alena you wont be disappointed.




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