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Wow just Wow MJ Fields has totally rocked this one out of the park, River James sexy bad boy drummer of STD (Steel Total Destruction) likes to chase the high, he uses it as a mask to hide behind but what happens when his world comes crashing down around him, friendships strained, career possibly in danger, and his past is catching up with him.

Keeana Sutton has just come out of a relationship and is determined to be the strong independent woman her Grandmother raised her to be focusing on her job and making new friendships but a nightout with friends has her running into the sexy bad boy that is River James.

These two take us on  a journey of highs, lows, love, destruction, laugh out loud moments and lets not forget Rivers filthy mouth you wont believe your ears, we also get to hear from the rest of STD and of cause no MJ book is complete without Momma Joe so that’s where I leave it with my heart being torn between these sexy guys of STD Memphis Black held it first then Finn Beckett came along and stole his spot but now we have River James and its beating all over the place.

I personally cannot wait to read these again whilst we wait for Billy’s story, I’m sure my heart will be breaking all over gain when we get this but MJ certainly gives us books that keep us returning for more.


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