Enshrine – Chelle Bliss

Enshrine is a beautiful standalone that is filled with love, compassion, heartbreak, true friendship and some real laugh out loud moments.

Callie has been alone for so very long and never had to rely on anyone but what happens when that phone call comes and turns your life on its head and things that you thought were important seems so small in the larger scheme of things.  Callie needs to fight but she hasn’t the strength to do so, lucky for her Bruno is going to be her strength until its her time.

Bruno is so very hot, sexy, strong, caring and compassionate, words that you’d never think people would associate with the man they call The Butcher but does anyone really know who he is or what he does well all is revealed in time as we take this journey with Callie and Bruno.

The pages just keep on turning you can literally feel the love amongst all the hurt and Bruno’s family will have you laughing so hard you won’t want to put the book down, its a book I will definitely read and read again so go get your copy and see how the story unfolds.


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