Pucked Over – LIVE!!!


This book is a must just like the previous two books you will be laughing out loud at the antics of this group of friends and cheering them on, Randy “Balls” Ballistic is one hot sexy, tattooed, charismatic hockey player who can have a different bunny every night but he’s set his sights on helping Lily have some fun and forgetting about her failed relationship with Benji.

Lily’s on off relationship with Benji has come to an end after several years and she is looking for some fun but can this hard working young lady just have fun with Randy without her heart being involved well that’s the pact they make “in it until its no longer fun” but what happens when Lily can no longer do casual and breaks it off with Randy, will he go back to his old ways, will he embrace the feelings he has for Lily or will he let his fear that he’s just like his deadbeat dad ruin what could be the best thing he’s ever had.

Well I’ll leave that for you to find out, I personally cannot wait for the next in this series xx






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