Inked on Paper – Nicole Edwards

For those of you who love Nicole’s books as much as I do you don’t want to miss out on this one, it’s a great standalone the story is not rushed and we get some of the hotness that we associate with Nicole’s book but also a sweeter side.

Jake/Jacob Wild is a hot selling author living in New York with no aspirations to settle down he’s just enjoying his life to the full but when he gets a call from his sister asking him to come home and not just for a visit his life takes on a dramatic change both personally and within his writing world. Jake hasn’t written anything for a while the voices aren’t talking to him and his editor Liz is constantly badgering him for his next novel which is due to be handed over in a few weeks.

Presley Abrams doesn’t believe in happy ever after, she’s still grieving the loss of her father but her one passion is drawing/tattooing unfortunately for Presley her mind is blank and cannot conjure up any inspiration, she finds herself taking more time off from work and when she’s at her job she’s doing tattoos that are already designed it’s getting harder and harder to move forward. She lives with her best friend and work colleague but unfortunately for Presley her roommate’s nocturnal activities leave little to her imagination, she find herself escaping more to the nearby coffee shop playing tic tac toe and searching for inspiration but what happens when a hot stranger literally bumps into her in the coffee shop.

Will Jake finally find his muse that he’s been looking for? Will Presley find her artistic flair? Well I’m leaving it there for you to go find out for yourseleves you won’t be disappointed I couldn’t put it down and so wish there was more.

Another great read thanks Nicole I look forward to the next one XX


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