Wicked Lust – Sawyer Bennett

wicked lust

Cain Bonham, Head of Secuirty at The Wicked Horse is as hot as they come but not in a pretty boy way and from the rumors going around he will make your wildest fantasy come true, he doesnt do relationships so don’t get attached and that’s exactly what Sloane is looking for, she just need’s him so that she can get information that will hopefully bring down Governor Hayes but little does she know that the tipoff she has received and the story she is looking for may just be a dead end and her life as she knows it will never be the same.

Well that’s all your getting my lovelies, Sawyer Bennett will have your heart racing and your mind swirling with the possibilities she doesn’t shy away from anything but jumps in with both feet giving us all a taste of fantasy or is it reality for some. I personally cannot wait to read the next in this series the pages just keep turning and the scenes just keep on getting hotter. Go get your own copy and see what I’m talking about you won’t be disappointed. xx


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