Last Review of 2015

Well 2015 has been a memorable year in many ways and as I sit here to write my last book review I want to take the time to wish each and everyone of you an amazing 2016 may you all be healthy, happy and live a life full of love and laughter xxx HAPPY NEW YEAR XXX


Well here goes, Never Tied Down ( Never Duet book 2) Anie Michaels

This an amazing book full of love, hurt, compassion and guilt Kalli is trying to come to terms with the death of her brother Marcus and she’s missing Riot after pushing him away.  Kalli is offered a job in California which could make her career and with no family left she makes the decision to move knowing that there is a chance that she will see Riot.

Riot misses Kalli and hasn’t moved on even though its been several months since he saw her the love he felt for her is not easily replaced upon finding out that Kalli has moved to California he sets out to find her and is surprised that she’s close by so he puts his plan into place to see her again.

Go get your copy and follow this beautiful love story and see if Riot can get Kalli back, will Kalli realise that its better to love and possibly loose than not to love at all plus there is a surprise in store for both Kalli and Riot on personal levels.

I for one cannot wait to read Anie’s next book and wish her all the best for the future. xx


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