The Bennetts – Kennedy Ryan

When You Are Mine is the first book in The Bennetts series I would never have thought that this was Kennedy’s debut novel its full of passion, hurt, love, friendship and longing.

Kerris Moreton grew up as an orphan , she’s beautiful, smart, caring but longs to have a family of her own and seems willing to settle for a life offered to her by Cam, she loves him but the sparks of passion don’t ignite not knowing anything different it seems that she will settle for this but what will happen when Cam’s best friend Walsh Bennett walks in.

Walsh Bennett is one of the most eligible bachelors on the East coast and even though he’s being groomed to takeover his father’s business he has a big heart and helps out with his mothers foundation but when he walks into a charity night for that foundation he’s knocked on his ass by Kerris who unbeknown to him is his best friends girl he instantly feels a pull towards her.

Please go get your copy and see what fate has in store for these 3, will there be a happy ever after or will it be the breaking of a friendship in various ways.  Book 2 and 3 are out so you don’t have to wait for this story to continue.


Loving You Always – The Bennetts Book 2

Loving You Always is the continuation of When You Are Mine and we see the continuing struggle for Kerris, Cam and Walsh.  Kerris still remains faithful to Cam, her business is doing well and she’s about to start a family of her own but the pull she feels to Walsh is still there even though neither of them have acted upon this, life with Cam is strained and he’s acting strangely making Kerris wonder what they are doing then when tragedy strikes there seems no way back and Walsh cannot keep his distance from Kerris any longer.

Can friendships be rebuilt well you’ll have to go see for yourself but please be ready for your heart to hurt and tears to flow the feels you get with this book are so very real.


Be Mine Forever – The Bennetts – Book 3

This book takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and the topic may be hard for some but it gives us the answers we may have been seeking in the previous 2 books.

Jo Walsh has loved Cam since she was a teenager and now in her late 20’s she loves him no less but Cam will not give into the feelings he has for her believing he’s not worthy of her love.

It’s time for Cam to face his past, his nightmares feel so very real and are affecting him more than ever. He lives with so much guilt and in order to move forward he must deal with this but when his actions put Jo at risk he runs again instead of staying and facing them.  Jo cannot keep risking her heart and after Cams latest disappearance she decides its time to move on but the heart wants what the heart wants.  Will Jo and Cam find true happiness, rebuild friendships, find peace well that’s for you to go find out I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.

I for one an looking forward to book 4 and seeing whether Sophie, Walsh’s childhood friend/lover can redeem herself.




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