Rapture – Danielle Jamie

Wow what can I say Rapture will definitely pull  on the heart strings and some may find the subject a little hard to deal with but Danielle has written this book with compassion, unlike  Forbidden and Untouchable this book is a little less feisty but that does not take anything away from this final stepbrother book.

4 years on and Raven is still dealing with events that took place and she   hasn’t seen Linc in that time both following the dream’s that they set out with all those years ago, however upon returning from her travels abroad  during a girls night out with her best friend Tessa that she literally walks smack into Linc and feelings she thought were dead and buried come back full force not only the love but the hurt and loss.

Linc can’t believe his eyes when he bumps into Raven she’s just as he remembers her and his heart starts racing but unfortunately he can only make small talk as he date is wrapped around him.

Can Linc get Raven to give him a second chance? Can he prove that he’s in it till the end ? or will Raven let past mistakes and fear keep them apart ?well you’ll have to go get your copy and find out you wont be disappointed.



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