BELIEVE Ebook Cover


Believe is the 2nd book in the Oni Fighters but could be read as standalone and just like Brave I couldn’t put it down.  Dane Roberts best friend of Xander Todd has become restless in his life even though he’s surrounded by an amazing family, friends has a job that provides for him and not to forget his love of Martial Arts but he’s finding himself wondering if he is good enough and what life has in store for him next.

Fate has a funny way of showing up and throwing people together its whilst Dane is going about his day to day business he comes across a young women and her son in a heavy exchange of words with another man, Dane cannot standby and do nothing so he walks up to them as though he’s known them for a while and intervenes little does he know that his life is going to change.

Arianne is struggling to make ends meet and with supporting her son Isaac who has his own set of challenges she finds herself falling back into old patterns, plus on top of this her abusive ex-husband is back on the scene causing more trouble for her so when Dane enters her life unexpectedly she struggles to rationalize between him being and experienced mma fighter and someone who is violent.

I’m not going to give you anymore but please get your copy you wont be disappointed.  This book will show you what love, family, friends and trust can bring to a relationship and leave you wanting more I for one cannot wait to read the next in this series.





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