Morrison Caldwell/Slick/Aces is the middle Caldwell brother and makes his living as a card shark trying to earn enough money to have a life that his Momma would have wished for her sons.  Morrison isn’t looking to settle down just like Hendrix wasn’t but when the right person walks into your life you will do what you have to in order to be the good in a world of bad.

Hailey has a debt to pay and its been like that her whole life, daughter of Prostitute and married off at a young age to save her the same fate as her momma. Wanting a better life for herself and her daughter she tells her man that she’s leaving unfortunately for her he wants payment of his debt basically everything he has ever bought her and their daughter, he wont let her go easy.

Go get your copy and see what happens when Hailey comes face to face with Morrison Caldwell or as he’s known in Sin City Aces you wont be disappointed.


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