Command Book Cover Nina Levine


Scott Cole is one hot filthy mouthed biker we can never get enough of, he and Harlow have been through a rough few months and it doesn’t look like the next are going to be an easier in both personal and Storm.

Harlow has been going through the emotions of life but not living since she lost hers and Scott’s baby but during her latest session with her therapist something clicked and she is now trying to live her life the struggles are still there and obstacles still need to be cleared but with the love and support from Scott and their immediate family she starts to live and let the guilt slip away.

Scott finds himself having to travel for Storm business he’s torn about going, leaving Harlow behind but as several members of Storm have left the club following a vote he needs to go but he rests easier knowing that members from the past have returned and have his back or do they.  Well the only way to find out what happens with Scott, Harlow and Strom is to go get your copy you wont be disappointed.

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