Unlawful Justice – K.C Lynn & K Langston


I don’t think I have the words to explain the feelings and emotions I went through reading this book, it  will stay with me forever that’s for sure.  The authors have tackled a tough subject and unfortunately its still an issue in todays world but they tell the story so beautifully, we get to see what a little faith, strength, support, honor, courage and love can do.  We all have a part to play in this world in helping to promote a more positive and healthy attitude towards this subject and treat others as we expect to be treated.

Olivia Bradshaw well she’s loyal, caring, compassionate, loving and only wants the best for everyone, she puts herself out to help those who are not as privileged, unfortunately she finds herself becoming the victim of a revenge campaign and what happens to her will have you in tears and your heart breaking but the strength she shows will have you rooting for her.

Grayson Taylor well what can we say about Harmony Falls Deputy he’s one hot alpha male who believes in justice and fights for what’s right, we see his passion not only for Olivia but also for that of his career.

Please please make sure you get your copy I know I will read this book time and time again.


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