My Soul to Keep – Kennedy Ryan

My Soul to Keep is the first book I have picked up by Kennedy Ryan and I’m totally blown away, its raw, compassionate, heart breaking and healing all in one beautiful package.

Kai Anne or Pep has she gets affectionately nicknamed has suffered loss on many levels and she only trusts in herself and finds it hard to let others in or help her out, you feel the struggles she goes through but you also want to shake her and make her see that by excepting a little help her life would be a little easier and it doesn’t make her weak.  Kai is chasing the dream that she’s had from a young age, she’s a talented dancer and singer and wants to make it on her own and not seen to be making it because of her friends connections.

Rhyson Gray musical genius  has faced his own personal struggles and when he meets Kai he feels a pull to her unlike any other, his Uncle Grady warns him not to chase her but he doesnt listen however Kai is only looking for friendship and totally friend zones him but Rhyson will settle for this as he has a plan to make her his.

Please go get your hands on this book and witness the ups and downs these two face you will laugh, cry, shout and say no don’t do it but also be rooting for them both.

Totally worth 5 stars and I personally cant wait for the continuation of this story.


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