Fine Beckett – Rockers of Steel – MJ Fields

ecover finn (1)

This book is full of the bad boy rocker’s image  we associate with rock and roll but it’s also filled with heart, love and a little hate but when all thrown together you get one rocking story that will have you turning the pages quicker and hoping it doesnt end.

Holy freaking sex on a stick that’s Finn Beckett, sexy Bass player/writer/sometimes vocal of STD (Steele Total Destruction) he feels a storm coming but little does he know he’s going to be the eye of the storm.

The hate that both he and Sonya feel is instant but so is the pull towards each other,  Sonya knows she’s good at what she does, social media and balancing her personal life but like all of us she feel’s weakness at  times.  Finn he point’s out her strengths and helps her live in the now not looking back to the past,  however Sonya knows that for the future they both crave they have to deal with the past and that’s Finn’s stumbling block.

Please go get your copy and fall in love with the sexy Finn Beckett you wont be disappointed I for one cannot wait to read the next book in this series.  I didn’t think MJ could top Men of Steel but these guys are giving them a run for the money. #sexyfinnbeckett


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