First Ride – Slayers MC – Tara Oakes


For those of you who have read Tara’s Kingsmen MC you will know of the Slayers MC these are a rival MC but if you haven’t heard of them until now no need to worry this is a completely standalone series to the Kingsmen and has its own set of Hot Alpha Hardass Bikers.

Dawson is President of the Slayers MC and whilst enjoying a night relaxing at his Strip Club he’s interrupted by a Prospect telling him they have trouble with a new member of staff little does he know that what he find’s will knock him on his ass.

Molly finds herself in desperate times doing things she never dreamed of to survive unfortunately she is struggling with this last one and cannot find the courage to follow through and ends up in a situation she doesn’t need or want but cant turn away from.

I’m not going to give more away than I already have but please grab your copy and see what happens when the past catches up the present and the innocent meet the not so innocent, it will leave you wanting more.

Another great read from Tara Oakes


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